Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hi everyone!
I discovered a really cool application on my blog. It's called Feedjit, and it lets me know which of my fans are following me and where they're from.  It thrills me that I have viewers from all over the world who want to see what I post and give me their insight.
But there is a downside to it, because Lacy Sunshine has a cyber stalker, and she checks in almost everyday, sometimes several times an hour, and it's creeping me out.  I'm sure you know who this might be.  She stalks not only Lacy Sunshine, but she also stalks Heather Valentin and several of the DT and fans.  I guess we've made it to the big time!  All that I can say, is that I hope she finds some good inspiration by stalking, because she doesn't possess one original idea of her own.

Happy Crafting!

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